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Dormitory Room Space for your workers

If you need space to home your workers, we have space for them.
Currently, we have two dormitories located in Punggol , PPT Lodge 1B, and along Tanah Merah Coast Road, Changi Lodge 2. Both offer easy access for your workers to your work sites.
Contact us for more information. 

Need a DOrm for Your Construction project 

We help you plan, build and run the dormitory. The number of workers for any major project will fluctuate from the start to the peak and the end. 
We'll plan the best way to house your workers every step of the way.
Contact us for more information.

Refurbish Your Dormitories

We help you with your planning to refurbish any living quarters that do not meet the specifications. We'll help your space meet the requirements from the different agencies involved. We have the knowledge and the experience to make sure that dormitory meets the necessary specifications on time, every time.

Project BUILDs

Build with heart and soul. Our focus is on completing your projects on time within specifications. 
Our team of professionals in the different aspects of building will address the challenges to provide a turnkey solution. Contact us for a consultation.

Our Story


We are at the forefront of the worker accomodation industry. We believe in working closely with government agencies and our partners to ensure we provide a holistic environment for our ressidents. As an award winning dormitory, we believe in putting in our best to ensure we put in effort at making sure we take our residents care and welfare as a priority .