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Building Together

We have a culture of working from the heart. 


Pandemic Management

Working closely with Government Agencies and Sengkang General Hospital (SKH), We were able to curb the Covid-19 situation efficiently, finding effective solutions quickly and managing situations on the ground in real-time

Working on Ground Zero, we managed various facilities to ensure the situation was managed effectively. Some of the facilities we managed are  In-Dorm Medical Facilities, Onsite Swab Operations, Onsite Vaccination, Managing Migrant Workers Onboarding Centers (MWOC), Centralised Recovery Facilities (CRF) and Dormitory Recovery Facilities (DRF)

Changi Lodge 2

Changi LOdge 2 Among Top 10 GQFs 

During the pandemic when hotels were sequestered as GQFs )Government Quarantine Facilities), Changi Lodge 2 was ranked in the top 10 above Westin and SO Sofitel. 
What makes us stand out is when our staff work with heart and aim to make our services stand out. Our Resident Engagement programmes make us push the boundaries to do go beyond just doing a job.

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Team. CLient. Resident

We are at the forefront of the worker accomodation industry. As a member of DASL (Dormitory Association of Singapore Limited), we are  recognised as the accomodations solutions provider of choice. We take a holistic approach towards designing solutions that focus on improving our residents' quality of life.

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Our Pandemic Contribution

Changi Lodge 2
Government Quarantine Facility - MOM

At the height of the pandemic, S11 Dormitories played a pivotal role when we provided a government quarantine facility at Changi Lodge 2.
The newly-erected 4-storey block was ready within record time by working closely with the various agencies to ensure that we could house 280 persons under quarantine. The avant-garde approach we took to this facility become a feather in our cap when we were measured against hotels also offering similar facilities and we came out in the top 10 ahead of established names in the Hospitality and Service industry.

Reshaping The homes of Workforce

The process of setting up a dormitory to house your workers to the minute details of operations can be a daunting task. In 2010, we took the challenge of supporting industries to plan and develop accommodations so that our clients can focus on their cor​e businesses. Our aim is to be a leader in the dormitory industry with innovative solutions.
Our  dormitories are purpose built and designed with the quality of life for our residents at the forefront of our design. This all​ows them to be well rested and feel right at home. We took care to design the environment and build the infrastructure such that both the physical and psychological needs of our residents are met.   
We not only build and run dormitories for companies across the Construction, Marine and Process (Service) industries, we also consult for companies by planning various homing strategies for the duration of the projects when manpower needs ebb and flow.